Video Game Quests: Advancing Storylines And Rewarding Players

Whether exploring the vast expanses of a game world alone, taking on an online multiplayer experience, or story progression through the luck of the reels in a video slot machine, there's no shortage of games where quests are the main entrée on the menu. This gaming style has a huge following of gamer explorer players who strive to complete the goals set before them and it's called gamification.

There are more than just simple and straightforward goals set before players as these tasks can be crucial to advancing a plot or wholly unrelated to anything going on in the core of the game. While there are times that everyone groans at the prospect of another 'fetch' or 'escort' quest, these do serve purposes beyond consuming time and stretching gameplay. An NPC telling the player to 'get this/these thing(s)' serves the purpose of making the player explore new areas or revisit forgotten places or head through more challenging areas and speak to new NPCs. While many games explorer players bemoan these types, there is value to be found in experience grinding and the end rewards for taking up the task.

Games Explorer Gamification Type Games

The more fun types are the ones that players remember in their games, often containing a combination of a challenging new foe or obstacle with its own sense of reward that comes from conquest before turning the quest back in. In this category are so-called 'kill' quests in which a new and powerful enemy needs to be taken down or overcome in some other way. Action and adventure type games take on this task quite handily as the player can be directly responsible for what happens on the screen.

Video slot games have a more difficult time handling this type as the games explorer player needs to rely on luck in their spins as well as skill in mini-games. There are some great examples of this being handled beautifully and, if the player is spinning for real cash, a payout usually accompanies the besting of a boss.

Even if what you're sent to do seems to be a banal task or creating a reason to go and find the Magical MacGuffin that advances the plot, there are rewards in all manner of quests offered by games that take on this mechanic. Players will see their skills with their character, understanding of the basics and more advanced aspects of the game, and, in some cases, their digital bankroll, growing and developing.