Journey across the Cosmos with Cosmic Quest Slot game

  • Reels:5
  • Jackpot:5000

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  • Bonus:1000

It is without a doubt that the concept of space exploration along with other aspects included in the sci-fi space genre is something that will surely keep the hopes and intrigue of players at its peak. The Cosmic Quest Mission control termed as the 1st Episode will do more than this. The game itself will take you on a wonderful and exciting journey along the dark and cool atmosphere the space and cosmos hold, along with superb designs of different heavenly bodies.

Also, what more could give you the atmosphere you seek for your space adventure, other than top-notch sound effects that will surely give you the motivation and feel of the game? This amazing video slot game will serve you with amazing gameplay and graphics, along with its slick sound effects that will pump you up, make you feel more eager to venture to other planets and brace yourselves for possible scary and dangerous things that may hinder your way. Players often target the sound buttons immediately as the game starts in order for them to focus with the game, but with this online video slot, you'll definitely feel like keeping it on every step of the way. Spinning will also give you a unique sound effects which is similar to the machinery of the spaceship, giving a more vibrant and exciting feeling, getting your hopes up for the rewards and treasures that awaits you.

The game is oozing with imagination, delivering you everything you would expect in a space genre game - from guns to satellites, along with its vibrant, colorful and high definition graphics. The bonus round of the game is also an exciting mini game which will require you to blast as many asteroids as you can, tiered into 5 different levels. Free spins will also be handed out to you once you get enough scatter symbol which is the monkey in the spacesuit and the rocket ride embodies the wild symbol of the game.

All in all, Cosmic Quest will certainly prove to be one of the most intriguing and entertaining online video slot game there is - giving you the full luxury of playing in a glorious and exciting setting which shows the grandeur of space and lots of other heavenly bodies.