Going to an adventure with Gemini Rue

The Gaming industry has indeed developed so far in the present - producing new and various types of games that will surely blow your mind. In this present world's current status of the game industry, it is already common to see games popping from somewhere unexpected. But, even though this is true, it is still very shocking to know that a single person can nearly finish and release a game on his own. And this isn't just any game, as in the perspective of veteran of experts from the entertainment industry itself, the game is on an equal platform with the big teams and popular games of today. Gemini Rue is the name of this epic and legendary game made by an undergraduate from UCLA - Josh Nuernberger.

The video game, Gemini Rue, revolves around the exciting genre of sci-fi and adventure combined, occurring on our wide universe and set-up to be played in a 2D point-and-click manner. And if you're the type who so greatly values the story of a game, then this game is something that you shouldn't miss for the world.

Nuernberg has also made other games on the genre of adventure, but this game is far beyond the level of his previous games - showing a more refined story similar to a memento-type with Azriel Odin, an ex-assassin, as your main character. Azriel is set on a romantic and epic quest, in search of his brother who he believes has been victimized by his ex-employers. The controls of the game is simple since it's a point-and-click game. ASD can also be used - A and D are used to lean and fire, while S is used in order for your character to block and firing is done by pressing the 'space bar'. While the game may not be very attractive when it comes to the combat situations, you will certainly find the puzzle-like obstacles which you need to solve, to be more intriguing and satisfying.

The gameplay of the game together with the graphics and sounds of the game is superb as well. With all the good things this game packs, it is nearly unbelievable that Nuernberger has managed to do all this by himself in the span of 3 years, making it so intriguing and worthy to check out and try for yourself.