History of Gaming: The King's Quest

When gaming can hardly be compared to what it is now today - specifically during the 80's, adventure type of games aren't as exciting and interactive, making those which come out with graphical presentations then, to be very appealing and mind-blowing. One of these games is the King's Quest which is certainly not the first of its kind and with its low resolution of 160x200, you might think that it is hardly an eye-catching game, but considering the timeline it was developed, it was certainly a huge name.

The game was developed by Sierra in 1983. The 80's was the time when some things and people are making a start and name for themselves - like James Bond or the DOS Operating System. It was understandable that such low resolution games will definitely have a huge impact on the industry. Not to mention, adventure games back then were only based on words - meaning, you only decide your movements through choices given to you in words and scenarios are described as detailed as it could be like in books. Roberta and Sierra Williams brought the huge change in the gaming industry - incorporating graphics into the dull context type of gaming back then.

The gameplay of this game back then was superb, where you can actually make your character to walk and have interaction with objects - although you still need to type in commands like 'open door' which basically opens the door when you're near it. Unfortunately as well, how to play the game or what you need to do will not be given to you as you enter the game, rather you need to read the manual yourself unlike games today.

The game will revolve obviously around the quest to be given to you by the king where you have to look and find three legendary items/treasures under the name of your character, Graham. You are not given a specific order on how to tackle the quest and you may go along as you please with some random obstacles along the way.

The game, rather than being interesting in a gaming point-of-view, is more interesting as a historical object, containing the factors that revolutionized the gaming industry itself. Without games like King's Quest, games today wouldn't exist and if you are interested, you may check the history of gaming itself through this game.