Syberia: Details and Features of the Game

The new Dreamcatcher Games along with its partner, Microids, has combined their strength and effort in order to develop and publish an epic game on the adventure genre, Syberia. In the diverse gaming industry we have today, adventure games which are truly praiseworthy are hard to come by and finding that one which will capture your attention and leave a mark on your heart with its plot and graphics together, are completely rare. Unfortunately, Syberia won't be able to deliver to you the satisfaction of a rare and outstanding adventure game.

The game lacks many things that may disappoint you rather than amaze you, but on the other hand, one sure thing that it has which is surely worthy of applaud is its superb graphics which makes the movement of the characters realistic even with its simple point-and-click gameplay. The interface of the game, being a point-and-click type of control, is too simplistic especially when matched up with its high quality graphics. Clicking on the screen will allow your character to move, and change of your cursor will indicate if you can interact with items - pick it up or use it, or even talk to people as long as the icon for conversation appears.

Going to the plot of the game - it revolves around a lawyer from America named Kate Walker who sets her sight into finalizing a contract which leads her to travel to Europe and to an automaton company. Unfortunately, mishaps have found its way to her life as she sees the owner of the company, dead. She now is set on a journey to look for a supposed-to-be dead sibling and heir of company named Hans Voralberg who faced an accident when he was a child and was resented by his father for leaving in order to study about Mammoths. Due to this resentment, his father cut ties with him and made it seem like he was dead. Your journey will give you opportunities to meet various people and automatons made by Hans as you discover the story of your main character as well. All in all, the game is definitely eye-catching, but the lack of an interesting plot along with a boring main character practically kills the appealing atmosphere of the game - making it a far choice for hardcore players out there.