The Heartwarming and Epic game - To The Moon

Many games of today hardly focuses on the plot of the story as they put more effort into making a cool and epic gameplay especially for combat purposes within the game. But, there are those which are definitely fun to play, with its focus pinned on to the plot of the story - showing great and inspiring occurrences that will surely touch and leave a mark in your hearts. The video game, To the Moon, definitely fits this description, showing the importance of life, and not only boasting the developed technology of the gaming industry.

The game thrives to touch the hearts and minds of its players by portraying and discussing within its plot, some of the most heartwarming stories about life and death, along with the memories that people share together during the good and bad times and how important it is to life. In saying that the game focus on the plot, it is still kind of disappointing that the gameplay somehow reduces the overall experience, however you will surely find that the story is definitely enough to keep you clicking and unfolding the story behind the game.

To The Moon revolves around the world where recreating the memories of people is possible, and the main characters which you are going to control are two doctors named Dr. Rosaleane and Dr. Wyatt. The two doctors set their sights on giving fulfillment to the wishes of those dying people through recreating their memories and giving them what they want even within only the boundaries of their mind. The doctors will explore the memories of a dying man named John and try to uncover and give him what he wishes - to go to the moon. The doctors will then have an adventure through layers within the mind of John, encountering different occurrences within his life, which will later on prove to be heartwarming, pitiful yet very touching.

As you click and uncover the story, you'll definitely see yourself rooting and empathizing with John, while realizing some important aspects that may be similar to your life. The game may have hit hard corners with its gameplay and strained efforts for gaming instances, but with its magnanimous, excellent and detailed plot, I am sure that you'll be more than happy to sit and play the game for hours.